Structural Bee Proofing

Bee proofing your home or commercial structure keeps bees out—period. As a bonus, it also effectively keeps rodents and anything 1/8 inch or larger out. Our killer bee proofing may even help lower your heating and cooling bills, as the technique seals up gaps allowing only air to enter and leave freely. Truly, it’s a service that pays for itself.

Community Maintenance

Benefit from regular community maintenance. KILLERBEE LIVE REMOVAL offers a suite of tried and tested bee proofing methods to property owners & event operators in Palm Desert, California, and surrounding areas We also cover onsite event maintenance for large outdoor venues such as Coachella Fest.

Be on the Lookout

Free your residence. its surrounding trees. or your commercial business from live bees. KILLERBEE LIVE REMOVAL offers live removal and relocation and follows with our signature bee proofing services If you witness bees constructing some form of hanging pendulous mass call us immediately.

Emergency Services

We respond to Riverside Fire and County Emergency Services when called. Call us directly at (760) 346-9542 if you or a loved one, neighbor, or domestic animal is facing an attack.